CacaoLab is a blog all about small-scale artisan production of chocolate from the bean. We divide the chocolate world into two parts: industrial chocolate, which is a uniform product made to be combined with other ingredients to make candies, and artisan chocolate, which is a fundamentally agricultural product made for the enjoyment of the flavors of the Cacao bean. This blog is dedicated to the enjoyment of the Cacao bean, ranging from the fruity aromas of Latin American Trinitario beans to the earthy nuttiness of African Forestero, and the infinite possibilites between. (Secretly, we also sneak some truffles, malted milk balls, and the occasional M&M on the side….)

If you have any comments, complaints, rants, or observations, you can send them to me at: trspies@gmail.com. Hope you like the blog!


9 Responses to About

  1. Art Pollard says:

    Saw that you were interested in trying our chocolate. I’m just wondering if you ordered any chocolate yet and how you liked it …


  2. Great site. It’s about time someone set up a small producers directory. Keep it coming.


  3. Renee Drolet says:

    I have discovered your site while reading about chocolate, my passion.
    I am the owner of Chocolat Chocolat Inc, a manufacturer-distributor of chocolate molds and high end packaging for professional chocolatiers since 1988.
    It is exciting to read about chocolate experiences.
    Keep up the good work

  4. Tom Sharkey says:

    Aloha! Great site for us small chocolate people. Grow some cacao and make some home-made chocolate here on the Big Island of Hawaii. Pretty much a sophmore operation; but love to play and learn more. Love to share some beans to get some feedback. Aloha Sharkman

  5. Hey. Nice site. I’m a big fan of dark chocolate. 🙂

  6. Marcia Hamann says:

    I organize and lead international culinary/cutural tours with a focus on cacao. The two tours for 08 are to the Second annual Punta Gorda, Belize Cacao Fest and the second, a worlds first, tour to Madagawscar via the Salon du chocolat in Paris. That date is Oct 31-Nov12, 08. Could you help me get the word out? Kind regards, Marcia Hamann One Criollo Tours

  7. Marcia Hamann says:

    good site, very fascinating, “edge” info, Marcia Hamann One Criollo Tours

  8. Sebastien says:

    Hello chocolate lovers,
    You may want to discover Chocolat Weiss. It is a old French manufacturer, founded in 1882 in St Etienne, the historical chocolate city in France. St Etienne was the home of Escoffier, Barbier, Pupier and other famous old chocolate factories.
    They make high end chocolate for both consumers (bars, confectionary…) and professionals (couverture). It is available through Chocosphere.com and local foodservice distributors. They roast all the beans in a traditional way (gas ball).

  9. We like what you are doing here. There is an enormous gap in understanding chocolate and cacao; not only by the general consumer but also by the many chocolate makers, chocolatiers, and pastry chefs. There are centuries of mis-information that has to be undone and its nice to see you taking a role. We source rare origin cacao from Venezuela and have also been working hard to educate and expose folks to richness and diversity of flavors across different strains and origins. Thanks

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