Black Mountain Chocolate

Updating the artisan chocolate maker list is getting pretty hectic. The next entrant is Black Mountain Chocolate of Asheville, NC, founded by fellow UC Davis Chocolate Technology grad Dave Mason. He’s been busy, and is now selling single origin chocolate sourced from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela.


2 Responses to Black Mountain Chocolate

  1. Alan says:

    Good to see that you’ve started blogging again. Don’t forget Mast Brothers, EZCA, Olive & Sinclair, and Fresco Chocolate. Also, Jeff noted recently on the Chocolate Life that he has begun a small amount of “from-the-bean” chocolate production at Lillie Belle Farms. It is getting hard to keep track of everyone.



    • tspyz says:

      It is getting hard to track all the new chocolate makers, but what a quality problem! Thanks for the pointers. I’m working on a Mast Brothers post now, and will start investigating the others.

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