Aequare Chocolate

Time to add a new maker to the Artisan List. Aequare Chocolates was founded by Californian chef who migrated to Ecuador to make chocolate from the local cacao. Ecuadorian cacao has a long and storied history, including a near wipeout from witches broom blight. Jeffrey Stern, the founder, maintains a blog showing his process for making things like chocolate coated cacao beans, and has an interesting post about the replacement of the “classic” Ecuadorian cacao with more disease resistant strains. Stay tuned for a review….


One Response to Aequare Chocolate

  1. Fred says:

    It is to be noted that Aequare Chocolate is the only brand bringing the exclusive Arriba flavor chocolate to the US market.
    We like his effort in bringing new cocoa flavors which differentiate themselves from the mainstream Valrhona or Barry Callebaut couverture.
    Thanks for talking about Jeff Stern, he deserves it.

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