Doing My First “How-To” Demo Tomorrow

Just got done roasting 7 lbs of cacao, preparing for a “How To Make Chocolate” presentation tomorrow, paired with a chocolate tasting. It’s always fun to introduce newbies to artisan chocolates like Amano, Amadei, Askinosie, Patric and Rogue.

I’m going to do the hard parts (the roast, crack, winnow, and temper), but let the participants do a small batch roast, choose the bean blend, do the grind and load the melangeur. I figure that those that don’t much like chocolate will at least enjoy playing with the hardware.

Hopefully the crowd will enjoy the presentation and the small amount of manual labor I have planned for them. The challenge will be containing my unending stream of chocolate trivia to a digestible trickle! I’ll post my Powerpoint slides after the talk.


One Response to Doing My First “How-To” Demo Tomorrow

  1. Have you ever put your demonstration online in video or another kind of format for others to see? I would be interested in checking it out, especially after learning that you roasted the seven pounds of cacao yourself! I’m sure the crowd enjoyed it and they should, if they know how much work goes into it.

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