DeVries Makes the Saveur 100 List!

Saveur Magazine broke my heart last year when they named Hershey’s Cacao Reserve as item 57 on their 2007 “100 Things We Like” list. While it was nice that they were talking about single origin dark chocolate, I’d hardly rate the Hershey’s entry as the most interesting or delectable chocolate around. They redeemed themselves this year by naming DeVries chocolate to the number 7 position on the 2008 Saveur Magazine 100 Favorites List, and additionally putting the DeVries wrapper on the cover. The Saveur list is always good reading, as any foodie will find one or two things they hadn’t heard of before, but they’ll want to experience. The list ranges from cheap and tasty (competition barbeque) to expensive and tasty (Thomas Keller’s restaurants), and usually includes some cool tools for those of use that spend too much time in places like Sur La Table. On my wish list from the list this year is the Chinese ironwood cutting board.


One Response to DeVries Makes the Saveur 100 List!

  1. Bertus Eskes says:

    I am a cocoa breeder coordinating a world wide project on cocoa productivity and quality improvement. I am interested to be updated on developments on origin/flavour chocolates.

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