Chocolate Returns

Finally got another batch going! My in-laws were nice enough to give me a nice assortment of beans for Christmas, so I got out 2lbs of the Dominican Republic, and applied a nice intense roast, aiming for a nutty, coffee kind of flavor as a nice contrast to the fruiter, low roast Venezuelans that I’ve been messing around with. Carefully winnowed this batch, as I’m finding that makes a fair amount of difference in texture. Also got to use real molds from Chocolat-chocolat, which makes for a far classier looking product than the choco-blobs I’d been making before. However, because I’m not using any extra cocoa butter, it’s a pretty slow pour, making molding somewhat difficult and messy. I also rushed the temper a bit, and ended up with cold spots in some of the pour, which of course instantly bloomed. Patience is key here. I didn’t wait for the seed crystals to cleanly melt into the chocolate to be tempered, which was the main problem.


One Response to Chocolate Returns

  1. Hill says:

    It may not be the most elegant looking chocolate ever (at least not this batch), but it IS some of the best tasting.

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