Tempered Food?

So, besides chocolate, lots of metals and glass are tempered, with the same goal of controlling crystal size and composition in a material. Reading the August Gourmet (with the perfect burgers on the front….mmmmm….burgers), I discovered that ice cream is also tempered. To create smooth ice cream, you need to insure that you have a small ice crystal size. To do this, pro ice cream makers use a hardening cabinet that works at like -20, then move the ice cream to a tempering cabinet. Any one know of other foods that involve tempering?


2 Responses to Tempered Food?

  1. Butter seems to be naturally tempered; at least if you melt it and let it resolidify, the butterfat recrystallizes in a way that is palpably different. (I know this isn’t exactly what you mean, but I thought it was close enough to mention.)

  2. Tom says:

    It isn’t food but I have tried making surf wax and it seems to me that the differences in the hardness of various batches, with the same composition, could be explained by different crystal structures. I didn’t investigate too much as it was extremely messy, didn’t taste good and buggered if I am going to hand temper surf wax. Also temp is much higher and it burns!!!

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