Batch 10 — Making Milk Chocolate

Time to go off the reservation and make some milk chocolate. This is partially a technical exercise, but also I want to build a baseline batch to start modifying into a very dark, vary high cacao content milk chocolate. Think of it as a gateway drug from milk to single origin dark chocolate!

The ingredients here will be:

  • Non-fat dried milk
  • Cream powder (72% milkfat)
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Salt (this is a Terry Richardson derived recipe, and he’s big on salt in milk chocolate!)
  • Ocumare Criollo Cacao
  • Cocoa Butter

This is a big step from the previous batches of dark chocolate, which were only two ingredients — cacao and sugar. There will need to be more consistency control, since it’s going to be harder to get the refiner to work with all that dry milk and sugar!

The net inputs will be about 1.1kg cacao + cocoa butter, 1.0 kg sugar, and 0.6 kg dried milk + cream powder, bringing it to about 40% cacao content. The cacao will be roasted on a long 25 minute low temp (60C) dry cycle, then a 10 min 100C harder roast. I may extend the last roast cycle depending on how the nibs are turning out.


2 Responses to Batch 10 — Making Milk Chocolate

  1. David says:

    Did you really use Vanilla Extract? Most are more water than alcohol and I assume this would give you problems.

  2. tspyz says:

    Sorry, my bad on the listing. The formula lists vanillin, and my brain transcribed that to vanilla extract. I actually didn’t add any vanilla, as I thought the fruitiness of the Ocumare would more than make up for it.

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