Tabasco Co-Ops

While today, most of the prized Criollo beans tend to come from South America (particularly Venezuela), it’s thought that the bean originated in Mexico. While Mexico’s modern cacao production is far behind some other Latin American countries, there is an increasing amount of growing happening in the Tabasco region.

We’ve been interested in getting more details about Tabasco cacao, but much of it is grown on small plantations (often part of larger co-ops), so it’s not as though you can find them on Google! Fortunately, doing some digging, I came across a list published by Mexico’s department of agriculture that has information on co-ops in Tabasco, including cacao co-ops. I also came across a website called Tabasco Market that lists a handful of producers.

A few of these actually have e-mail addresses, so we’re going to start there. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some information on exactly what they’re growing and how they’re growing it.


4 Responses to Tabasco Co-Ops

  1. alain says:

    im looking for cacao nibs. can you suggest any sources?

  2. The problem is that the Government will hold down production or pay ridiculous prices here in Comalcalco,. Tabasco. I have heard growers (cacaoteros) COMPLAIN AS SAY THAT THERE CACAO CAN LIE AND ROT BEGFORE THEY SELL TO (ooppps) the cacao Associations, backed by government…I know this is true for we are on of the growers, We sell locally an d in our retail outlets. There could be plenty of production….but why? for what?

  3. We can sell the nibs but it is the shipping that is not feasible. Go to our site and maybe join on of the tours here, it is well worth it. just google maytabasco

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