Batch 8 – Done!

Batch 8 is the first one I’ve hand tempered, and it’s a fair bit trickier in a slightly-too-warm kitchen as opposed to a nicely climate controlled lab. There are now 16 small bars and one larger bar setting up. On preliminary taste testing, the attempt to roast slightly harder and significantly longer has paid off, at least a little bit. There’s less initial bite, and some of the bitter notes are gone and replaced by more fruitiness. The small amount of mixed on forestero adds some nice cocoa/chocolate base to the thinner but more aromatic criollos.


2 Responses to Batch 8 – Done!

  1. wendyspies says:

    this batch is nice and shiny too! it snaps when you break off a piece. it melts nicely in the mouth, still has a smoky taste but now it tickles the outside edges of the tounge as well.

  2. laura says:

    having been fortunate enough to test taste this batch, i can say that i was rendered speechless while eating. one word: plums!

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