Enjoy Syntha-choc in Your Clone Tank

The Grocery Association has joined with our future robot overlords to redefine the FDA standards for chocolate to allow vegetable oils and milk substitutes in chocolate. As we know, the future efforts to pave the earth and engrave logos on the moon will require all the resources we humans can give, and synthetic chocolate is one way you can contribute! Unfortunately, reactionary elements have put together a web site to protest this vital action. Morlak-56, your local clone-tank supervisor-bot commands you to refrain from going to:

Don’t Mess With Our Chocolate

and has threatened any humans that actually fill out comments to the FDA with quarter-rations of soy plankton Nutri-Slurry for the next two weeks.

(All kidding aside, the FDA is actually considering allowing fat replacement and milk “substitutes” in what can be labelled chocolate. For reactionary humans that would prefer that the word “chocolate” on food labelling actually refer to chocolate, get your comments in by April 25!)


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