Batch 7 Notes

Hovav, Joy, and Mike came over to help with Batch 7. This is made using the same Ocumare beans from the Valentine’s Day gift. (Thanks Wen!) Roasted a little harder — 20 mins at 270, got a final external bean temp of 240. The oven is running a little cold, so going to hit them even harder next time, as I’m still getting too much acid/phenol undertaste. I’m also going to conch this batch much longer with no spring tension.

One additional new thing I tried this time: using the hair dryer to winnow the beans. We broke the beans up in the mortar and pestle, hand picked the big hull fragments, then blew the dryer over them in a large bowl. Chunks of hull started flying off immediately, and swirling the bowl caused even more to fly out. It is a messy, messy process, as I also got covered in hull dust! A little optimization, and this could be a much faster process than doing the hull separation by hand.

Quick build notes:

Started with 2lbs of Ocumare beans.
Roast: 20 min roast with final bean temp of 240F, 3oz moisture loss.
Winnow: 1lb 10oz after hulling via manual crush and hair dryer winnow.
Grind: Champion Juicer, liquor at 132F after grind, 1lb 6oz liquor result.
Refine: Added 9.5oz C&H Baker’s Sugar to the Santha with the liquor.
First 24 hrs of refine at full spring tension. Mass temp: 120F.
Conch: currently in the Santha with zero spring tension. Mass temp: 112F.

Going to let the conch run for 24 hrs and see what we get. I’ll sample in the am. I’m hoping that the extra conch time will drive off some of the unwanted phenol taste.


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