Batch 6 — complete

Batch 6 is out of the refiner. Ran it for 26 hrs at high spring tension, then for an additional 3 hours with no spring to let it conch a little. Used the square tops from Gerber baby food packages to mold the chocolate this time. They are the perfect size! Made about 12 of these smaller bars, and two larger ones using tupperware tops. Not exactly glamour molds, but they work. I haven’t tempered yet, but I find that unloading the chocolate from the refiner directly into the mold and then directly into the fridge actually sets up well. The last batches I did this way had almost no bloom and a nice snap. Tempering (or tempering well) should improve that farther, but I’m concentrating on overall flavor development for now.

Final conch temperature was 120F, aided by the fact that we ran the dishwasher that is directly underneath the Santha! Initial Wendy reviews are positive.


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