Batch 6 — in the refiner

After winnowing, the batch lost about a half-ounce. Winnowing took a little over an hour. Definitely need a more efficient way of doing that. For this batch, I put it all in a metal bowl, crushed the beans, then sort of “panned” them to get the hulls to the top. Next time, I’ll try the hair dryer method to blow the dust and hulls off.

All went into the Champion juicer for the grind. Resulted in about 2.5 cups of liquor. Interestingly, the liquor from the grind was less liquid than the previous grinds I’ve done. Forgot to measure the temp after the grind.

In the Santha, with little less than a half-lb of sugar. The Santha runs nice and quiet with the larger load of liquor and chocolate, because there’s less stone-on-stone contact. The refine is hitting equilibrium at 115F, using medium spring tension. Refine started at 5pm. Going to let it go for 24hrs.

(Resolution: next batch, get better at measuring and recording volumes and temperatures.)


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