Batch 6 — roast done

Laser thermo reads the beans at 270F after the roast. Top shelf is about 20-30 degrees F colder than the bottom, so the top layer of beans is less roasted. Yet another reason to roast in smaller batches in the convection oven. Next batch I’ll do that. The oven seems to read cold also. 305 translates to 270ish. Left the beans in 3 mins longer to compensate. (Unscientific, but I also wasn’t getting popping from the beans at this temp, which is a little odd. I was out of the room for the early part of the roast, so they could have finished popping by the time I was back.) Next step is to shell and winnow all these beans….ugh.

Nice brownie smell from the beans while roasting, but not as strong as some of the previous batches. Color going in was a deep cocoa, coming out they are blacker, but not as burned. Still have a bit of an acid taste. May hit the next batch harder.

Moisture loss: half the batch went in weighing 16 oz. Out of the oven, this same batch weighs at 10.5oz.


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